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Swan is an elegant ballet style wrap sweater, drafted for knit fabrics. Perfect for layering over strappy and sleeveless dresses and tops in cooler weather, or simply to provide more coverage, Swan is a lovely and versatile wardrobe staple. This delicate sweater features two bodice options. The simple bodice gives a clean and timeless aesthetic, or add a touch of modern drama with an asymmetrical bodice that can be worn two ways.

Adult and Child Swan Bundle | Boo and Lu Patterns | PDF Digital Sewing Pattern


Adult and Child Swan Bundle | Boo and Lu Patterns | PDF Digital Sewing Pattern

Adult Swan

Children & Adult Swan Bundle

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Here at Boo and Lu Patterns we are transforming the art of creating your own wardrobe into a modern and enjoyable experience for every individual. Our expertly crafted pdf sewing patterns cater to all ages, spanning from baby to adult sizes 0-32, ensuring that style knows no bounds. Backed by industry-leading expertise, we pride ourselves on making sewing not just accessible but downright delightful.
Unleash your creativity as we redefine the joy of sewing with patterns designed to make your sewing adventures easy, enjoyable, and uniquely yours.

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Meet Gail

In the whirlwind of motherhood’s highs and lows, I found myself navigating the challenging realm of postpartum anxiety after welcoming our first bundle of joy. And so, I embarked upon a quest for a therapeutic escape. Armed with the basics of sewing, I discovered my sanctuary in fabric and stitches. It wasn’t just a hobby; it became my lifeline. Crafting beauty from simple cloth gave me a renewed purpose, rescuing me during a time when survival felt like a distant dream.

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