Your purchase includes 3 file types:

  1. Tutorial – Includes detailed, fully photographed, steps showing how to construct the garment. This file includes printable pattern pieces meant for use with a home printer.
  2. An A0 File – meant for printing at a copy shop.
  3. A Projector File – meant for use with a projector. See our blog post here for more details.

All Boo and Lu patterns contain trimless pages. Simply match the circles/letters in each corner with the corresponding corner and tape or glue in place.

This is a common issue with HP printers. While we aren’t sure why it does this, there is an easy fix!

In the print dialogue box choose “advanced” and select the “print as image” box.

The first page of the pattern always includes a 1″ and a 5cm square. Print only this page before printing the entire pattern and measure the square with a HARD ruler. This step is important because soft tape measures can get stretched out.

If the measurement square is even slightly off the whole pattern will be off.

After making your purchase you will receive an email confirmation with your download links. The downloads can also be found at any time directly from the “My Account” page here.

All Boo and Lu patterns feature layers. This means that each size has its own individual layer enabling you to print only the sizes you need. To use the layers function, you must use Adobe Reader from a computer or laptop.

To view the layers, click on the layers button. This button looks like 3 pieces of paper stacked on top of each other on the lefthand side of the screen. Next, you will click on the eye icon next to each layer that you would like to turn off. Be sure to leave the “Must Print” layer turned on. Remember, if you can see the eye icon, you can see that layer.

When in the print dialogue box be sure to set the orientation to auto. The scaling should be set to either “actual size” or “100% scaling”. Lastly, be sure that the “choose paper source by PDF page size” box is NOT selected.

Due to the digital nature of our products, patterns are non-returnable and non-exchangable. All sales are considered final.

If you mistakenly double purchase a pattern please contact us, we’d be happy to help out!

This is a really great question and we have a whole page dedicated to using projectors for sewing. You can find that page here

Absolutely! Garments sewn using Boo and Lu patterns can be sold by small businesses on a small scale. While we would love for you to credit us when the finished garments are shared, it is not required.

Products made from our patterns may not be mass-produced outside of the home or on a commercial scale without prior approval. Please contact us at [email protected] for further information on our manufacturing licenses.