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Introducing Boo and Lu’s Sewing Tutorial Index! Explore our carefully curated collection of insightful blog posts, each tailored to bring the joy and creativity of sewing directly to you. Celebrate the art of stitching with posts crafted with simplicity and passion, covering a variety of topics to inspire and empower your sewing journey.

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Periwinkle Swim Hack | Boo and Lu Patterns | Pritchard Stitches

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Blog | Boo and Lu Patterns | PDF Sewing Patterns | Learn how to sew


3 adorable and easy free headband patterns | Boo and Lu | Sewing Crafts and DIY | Christmas in July Make Along with Underground Crafter

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Storm Zip-Up Digital PDF Sewing Pattern

Children’s Storm Zip-Up


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Whether you’re a sewing newbie or just looking to up your skills, you’ve come to the right place, friend! Get ready to thread needles like a boss, tackle pesky bobbins, and maybe even sew a straight line (or at least attempt to). So grab your favorite fabric and let’s dive in together – because we’re about to sew our hearts out and have a ton of fun doing it!