How to Unzip Boo + Lu Cut Files

So, you’ve downloaded your SVG files, you upload it right into your software and get an error message: “file type not supported” or something similar. What gives?

Well, this is because the file you downloaded is a .ZIP file (or compressed file). In order to get to the files that you need inside that compressed file, you’ll need to unzip it (or decompress, or extract). All of this verbiage essentially means the same exact thing. So, how do we unzip SVG files? Continue reading below to see just how easy this is!

How to Unzip SVG Files


Your Mac computer/laptop has the ability to extract/unzip ZIP files built in, so there’s no need to invest money on a third party ZIP program.

You can tell if a folder is zipped because it will look like a document with a zipper on it. You’ll also notice that the file extension is .zip (and the icon says ZIP right on it).

Unzipping a .ZIP file on a Mac is SO simple you won’t even need pictures. Ready for this? Just double-click the file. Yup, that’s it!


All versions of Windows have the ability to extract/unzip .ZIP files built in, so there’s no need to invest money on a third party ZIP program.

While unzipping a file in Windows takes an extra step, it is still easy so don’t fret!

  1. Right-click on your zipped file and select Extract Files (depending on your computer it may also say Extract All).
How to Unzip SVG Files

2. A screen will pop up prompting you to choose a destination to unzip the file into. If you already have the ZIP file in the folder you’d like it unzipped to, then you don’t have to change anything. Click Extract.

How to extract SVG Files

Your files are now unzipped and ready to use in your software of choice! You now know how to unzip SVG files, and can use this skill with any .ZIP files that you may download!

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