Boo and Lu’s 2023 Holiday Showcase Celebration

The holiday season is here, and that means it is time to celebrate!

Celebrations can come in all forms, and there are so many wonderful things to celebrate! This year, we wanted to create a showcase of looks to highlight some of our favorite things to celebrate. We presented our testers with four categories, and they created looks that fit those themes using Boo and Lu patterns.

  • Celebrate Coziness
  • Celebrate Creativity
  • Celebrate Togetherness
  • Celebrate Joy

The tester team came up with some really amazing outfits and styling to best represent their chosen category. Come along with us and celebrate these gorgeous looks!

Joy and Togetherness, by Pamela A.

What does cozy mean to you? Under a blanket by the fire? Bundled up in warm clothes while it is cold outside? Baking treats in a cozy kitchen? Coziness is such a part of the holiday season, we wanted to see what outfits testers created when they thought of “cozy.”

  1. Taylor sewed Adult Lotus and Adult Fennel
  2. Brenda sewed Alpine
  3. Olivia sewed Holly
  4. Genevieve sewed Lotus
  5. Emily sewed Willow and Lynx
  6. Erica sewed Pumpkin, Arrowwood, and Lynx
  7. Sara sewed Adult Fennel
  8. Sandra sewed Poppy and Lily
  9. Sandra sewed Poppy and Lily
  10. Karen sewed Adult Alpine
  11. Channing sewed Adult Powell
  12. Channing sewed Powell and Lynx

Creativity is often closely tied with gift-giving occasions. Whether you think of creative ways to show you care, or create a handmade gift, we celebrate all the ways to let your creativity shine! We asked testers to show their creativity in sewing by mashing multiple patterns together, hacking and modifying patterns, etc…. anything that showed off ways to get creative in their sewing!

  1. Liesel sewed Timberwolf and Poppy, with hacked antlers on the pants
  2. Megan sewed Olive and Lynx, hacking a ruffle and adding gingerbread decoration
  3. Danielle sewed a mash of Honey and Lilac, and paired with Fern
  4. Kristen sewed Adult Stella mashed with instructions from Cinnamon
  5. Destiny sewed Adult Powell, lengthened into a dress
  6. Destiny sewed Powell, lengthened into a dress
  7. Melissa sewed a mash of Meadow, Swan, and Sirena
  8. Amanda sewed a mash of Sirena, Sakura, and Azalea

One of the most special parts of any holiday is sharing it with the people you love. We treasure time spent with those we care about, and wanted to highlight that with sewing projects! We asked testers for this category to sew for multiple people in whatever way felt right to them- siblings, parents, friends, family… and with Boo and Lu having patterns from Newborn through Adult, plus accessories, there are ways to include everyone. Who in your life would you love to sew for?

  1. Liesel sewed Timberwolf and Poppy
  2. Ruth sewed Adult Powell and Baby Tamarack
  3. Pamela sewed Lotus, Lynx, Buttercup, and Pumpkin
  4. Megan sewed Olive and Lynx
  5. Karen sewed Adult Lotus and Lotus
  6. Morgan sewed Adult Powell and Powell
  7. Jiselle sewed Lynx and Cedar
  8. Jessica sewed Adult Lotus and Lotus
  9. Jessica sewed Lotus
  10. Heidi sewed Adult Tamarack
  11. Heidi sewed Adult Equinox
  12. Beverley sewed Olive

Joy in all its forms is such a cornerstone of the holiday season. Joy in being with family, joy in festivities and parties, joy in celebrating all that is important to you! For this category we asked testers to sew looks that felt joyful to them, and the results are spectacular!

  1. Sarah sewed Swan and Lilac
  2. Anna sewed Peppermint
  3. Rebecca sewed Poinsettia and Adult Vixen
  4. Marianne sewed Raven
  5. Lisa sewed Poinsettia
  6. Johanna sewed Solstice
  7. Brenda sewed Peppermint
  8. Anna sewed Adult Evergreen

This is a season for celebrations, in so many different ways. No matter what you celebrate, we wish you a season of coziness, creativity, togetherness and joy.

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