Halloween Costume Showcase 2023

It’s October, and that means we are busy sewing COSTUMES! Halloween is a fun time to really get creative with sewing. Hacking and mashing and modifying patterns to get that perfect look for a Halloween costume is a fun challenge every year. Whether you are sewing up a costume for a princess or pirate, an animal or suphero, a career or character, we’ve got patterns that can help you create whatever you can dream up.

Let’s start with a few stunning examples across all different themes!
1. “Wonder Woman” made with Meadow by Connie
2. “Lion” made with Poppy and Tamarack by Brittney
3. “Witch” made with Raven by Sarah
4. “Ice Cream Cone” made with Lily and Poppy by Marci
5. “Fairy” made with Lilac by Anna
6. “Jack o Lantern” made with Sirena by Laura
7. “Princess Peach” made with Nutmeg by Courtney
8. “Glinda” made with Arrowwood by Nicole

There are so many different costumes you can create! Let’s take a look at a few awesome costume categories.


One of the most enduringly popular themes for Halloween costumes is “characters.” Whether it is from a book, movie, tv show, or fairy tale, favorite characters are a long-standing top costume choice. Here are some amazing looks using Boo and Lu patterns to evoke familiar characters!

  1. “Ghostbuster” made with Evangeline and Seagrass by Sara
  2. “Spiderman” made with Powell and Poppy by Morgan
  3. “Sally” made with Lilac by Morgan
  4. “Cruella” made with Coffee and Sirena by Rebecca
  5. “Cruella and Dalmation” made with Sirena (Cruella) and Dragonfly (Dalmation) by Rebecca

6. “Red Riding Hood and Wolf” made with Nutmeg and Linden (Red) and Seagrass and Timber Wolf (Wolf) by Miranda
7. “Kiki’s Delivery Service” made with Meadow by Marina
8. “Maleficent” made with Raven by Lucy
9. “Minnie” made with Baby Wren by Karianne
10. “Mickey” made with Olive, Rowan, and Fern by Karianne

11. “Bluey and Bingo” made with Timber Wolf by Jesara
12. “Cruella” made with Coffee by Eleise
13. “Mercat” made with Sirena by Brittany
14. “Alice” made with Wren and Fawn by Marci


Another great choice for Halloween costumes is to choose a favorite animal! You can get super creative with animal costumes, like these testers did!

  1. “Snail” made with Wren by Madi
  2. “Flamingo” made with Sirena by Laurie


A perennial classic, many children love dressing up as a princess for Halloween! Take a look at these beautiful options!

  1. “Barbie Princess” made with Poinsettia by Kerry
  2. “Princess” made with Meadow by Kyanne


Halloween can be a theme itself! Pumpkins, witches and more… from cute to spooky there are some fun ideas to see here!

  1. “Oogie Boogie” made with Poinsettia and Clove by Lucy
  2. “Witch” made with Dragonfly and Sandpiper by Shelley
  3. “Pumpkin” made with Sirena and Pumpkin by Destiny
  4. “Witch” made with Meadow by Holly
  5. “Witch” made with Buttercup and Meadow by Chrysoline
  6. “Spider Witch” made with Sirena by Becca


From mermaids to pirates, imagination can run wild with these ideas!

1-4: “Mermaids and Pirate” made with Sirena (mermaids) and Raven and Dragonfly (pirate) by Amanda

5-6: “Elves” made with Raven by Alicia
7. “Mage/Sorceress” made with Raven by Brianna
8. “Fairy” made with Passionflower by Kara

And so much more!

The sky is the limit when it comes to Halloween costumes. Anything your imagination can come up with, you can do! Here are a few more creative costumes our testers made.

  1. “Rockabilly” made with Sirena by Teri
  2. “Fortune Teller” made with Meadow and Pumpkin by Sara
  3. “Cowgirl” made with Bluebell and Linden by Sara
  4. “Masquerade” made with Poinsettia by Stéphanie

Sewing a Halloween costume is a fun time to get really imaginative and creative in your sewing. You might sew one pattern or mash several, make hacks or adjustments, and add more! With so many knit and woven patterns to choose from, Boo and Lu has got you covered for all the patterns you may need for Halloween fun!

What patterns will you use to make a Halloween costume? Make sure to tag us @booandlupatterns on instagram or share in our Facebook group. We would love to see all your amazing creations!

Happy Sewing and Happy Halloween!

xoxo Jessie

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