Snapdragon Lokelani Mash

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Today I’m going to show you how I mashed Snapdragon and Lokelani to make this fun romper! There is nothing that my kids love more than rompers, so I wanted the gorgeous back of Snapdragon, but in romper form for older girls that sized out of the bubble. That’s where Lokelani came in and saved the day!

Snapdragon/lokelani mash 1

1. First let’s cut! Grab the Lokelani shorts and add 3” to the rise to account for the waistband, and 1” or more to the width (to make it more bubbly). I suggest skipping pockets on this mash. I cut the Snapdragon bodice and made the bodice to pattern. (Note: I highly recommend double checking your child’s trunk measurement for this romper. The worst thing ever is working hard to make a cute romper and the trunk being too short.)

2. Next, make the Snapdragon bodice to pattern.

3. For the shorts, you will sew the Lokelani shorts and then gather them to fit the Snapdragon bodice.

4. Sew/serge the bodice to the shorts, and finish with a lettuce hem, regular hem, or add your Lokelani bands!

Snapdragon/lokelani mash 5
Finished With Bands
snapdragon lokelani romper mash
Finished With Lettuce Hem

Note: if you want to add the Lokelani waistband you can- just take the added rise off of the shorts when cutting and again measure trunk first! That’s it! I hope you love this mash as much as I do. Happy sewing!

Snapdragon/lokelani mash 3

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