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Sewing Goals Met and Set

It’s the end of the year and we are looking back on all the amazing projects that have been accomplished in the last year. We absolutely love seeing all the incredible sews that get shared in the Boo and Lu Facebook group, and it got me wondering… what are some sewing goals our testers and fans have accomplished in the last year? What are some they want to crush in the coming year? Today we are going to celebrate sewing accomplishments of 2023 by looking at goals that were met this year, and get excited for all that we will create in 2024 with goals we will set for the new year!

Solstice Bubble and Tulle Dress | Boo and Lu Patterns | Downloadable PDF Sewing Pattern
Solstice Dress

Back in January, I wrote a blog post all about ways to set goals for sewing for the year, complete with new goal sheets to work with! You can find that post and the printables here. You can also get a totally free downloadable sewing planner here! Thinking back to different ways of setting goals in sewing, I asked our incredible tester team what some of the goals that they met this year were. They have done some awesome things! Here are a few…

Goals Met in 2023

  • Sew Tulle. Several people mentioned that they wanted to learn to sew with tulle, and with several gorgeous tulle patterns released this year, they did it! Sewing tulle can be intimidating if you have never done it before, but it is easier than it seems! And with so many great patterns using tulle, we can help you conquer this goal. Try Stella, Solstice, Sirena, or Poinsettia!
Stella | Boo and Lu Patterns | Digital Sewing Pattern
Stella Dress
  • Improve foundation sewing techniques such as buttonholes and gathering. To learn how to gather knits on a serger, check out this post!
  • Get a projector and learn to use it. This is an amazing tool for advancing your sewing and making cutting easier, learn all about using a projector here!
  • Several people set goals in terms of WHO to sew for. Some wanted to spend more time sewing for themselves, and others to sew sibling sets or parent/child sets. Boo and Lu has a huge range of sizes, from newborn to adult 32 so you can sew for anyone!
Coffee Cardigan
  • Become comfortable blending sizes and altering pattern fit for the best possible fit for you or your model. Grading/blending between sizes can be intimidating but once you try it a few times you will absolutely love the results! And Boo and Lu adult patterns contain a comprehensive fit adjustment guide full of all the information you need to tailor a pattern perfectly to your own unique and beautiful size and shape.
  • Get better at binding. You can find a blog post all about binding here. Olive and Plumeria are perfect patterns for practicing binding!
Olive Top and Dress | Twirl Dress Pattern | Boo and Lu Sewing Patterns
Olive Dress

Goals Set for 2024

  • Sew outerwear, bags, and other specialty items. Think outside your comfort zone and try something new!
  • While some people feel like they accomplished the goal of improving foundation techniques such as buttonholes and gathering, others have it on their list for the new year. Check out this blog post on buttonholes if you would like some help mastering that technique!
  • Learn fine/precise techniques to take sewing to a more professional level. Here is a post on beautiful seam finishes to help you with this!
  • A common goal is to better master tricky fabrics such as swim, leather, vinyl, velvet, and silk. Coral, Pearl, Hurricane, and Reef are great swim patterns for working with swim lycra and boardshort fabric!
Pearl Swimsuit PDF Sewing Pattern | Tankini Sewing Pattern | Boo and Lu Patterns | Digital Sewing Pattern
Pearl Tankini
  • Learn to use a serger, coverstitch, etc. If you don’t already have or use these machines, saving up and purchasing one and getting comfortable using it is a great goal. These machines are invaluable for taking your sewing to the next level.
  • Take the time to tackle projects that seem hard/intimidating. You can do it! The best way to learn is to try it. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, learning new skills takes time and effort. Go slow, and keep at it. You’ve got this!
  • Learn machine or hand embroidery to add special detail to projects.
  • Sew your stash! This was a common goal mentioned. Use that stash! If you have a gorgeous fabric you’ve been hoarding, pick a project you love and cut into it. You’ll love having your finished garment; it’s worth it to take that off your shelves and get it in the closet!
  • ZIPPERS! Of all the sewing goals, this was overwhelmingly the most popular thing mentioned. So many of you want to learn to sew zippers. You can start with a zipper pouch, mini zipper purse, or zipper bag pocket using free blog posts! Learning to sew zippers in something small rather than in a garment can help take away some of the pressure and make it feel more approachable.
Zipper Pouch

Setting Your Own Sewing Goals

What’s great about sewing goals is they can be anything you want, and unique to your own sewing journey! Some of what was on the “goals met” list are goals other people are setting for the new year, and vice versa. You can use both lists to look back over the year and reflect on all the amazing things you accomplished, and also get inspiration for new goals to set for next year! As you start to plan your sewing goals, you can use our free downloadable sewing planner, as well as free sewing goal worksheets!

We want to hear all about your goals, and see your projects as you finish them! Make sure to join the Boo and Lu facebook group so you can share your makes, get advice and support, and have an overall amazing sewing community to be a part of.

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