Snaps instead of Buttons

How to Use Snaps Instead of Buttons

Hello friends! Megan from Lottie Dottie Customs here. Do you hate doing buttons? Does your sewing machine tear up your fabric every time you try to make a buttonhole? Or maybe you worry your baby will get a hold of the button and chew on it. Or maybe you just really like snaps! Well, whatever your reasoning is I am here today to help you learn how you can switch out buttons for plastic snaps on any Boo and Lu pattern. It is super simple and takes only a few steps.

Snaps instead of buttons


First, we are going to gather our supplies. For this project you will need:

–          Front and back snap pieces for the number of snaps desired. I use two completed snaps in this pattern, so I am using two studs and two sockets, plus caps for each (4)

–          A snap press

–          A tool for piercing the fabric before applying the snaps, sometimes called and an awl

–          Iron-on fusible stabilizer

–          Iron and ironing board

–          Scissors

Buttons instead of snaps

Applying Snaps Instead of Buttons

The first thing you will need to do is decide which pattern you would like to make. I am making a Nutmeg with the optional strap.

Step one. Before you begin sewing, iron on fusible stabilizer where your snaps will go. This will be the same place as the pattern has indicated for buttons or buttonholes.  Make sure you use interfacing on the main fabric and lining. This is important because snaps put a lot of pressure on the fabric which may result in holes if not properly stabilized.

snaps instead of buttons

Step two. You will do this step once you are at the point in your pattern that the instructions call for you to either make a buttonhole or attach the button. Find where the marking for your button is and take your piercing tool and push it through your fabric.

snaps instead of buttons

Step three. Put the prong of the cap through the hole you just made from the right side of your fabric. Then attach the socket onto the prong from the other side of the fabric.

Step four. Take your pliers and attach the socket and the cap. Put the flat piece of the cap inside the divot of the pliers. Put the socket (with the indentation facing away from the pliers) on the other end of the pliers. Now press down and squeeze it with both of your hands. Do this fast and use your muscles! If you do this slowly the prong won’t flatten enough and hold down the socket.

snaps instead of buttons

Step five. When you open the pliers, the prong should be flattened. If it is crooked or not all the way smushed you will need to take off the snap and try again.

snaps instead of buttons

Repeat steps two through five using the stud instead of the socket. Now make sure they fit together flush. Finish by adding all of your snaps.

snaps instead of buttons

That’s it you did it!! Congratulations, you deserve to buy yourself another pattern.  

XOXO Megan

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