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Azalea and Apricot Mashed Maxi Dress

One of my favorite things to do is mash multiple awesome Boo and Lu patterns together to get entirely new looks. My five-year-old loves long dresses and asked me to make her one, and I loved the idea of making a tiered maxi skirt, so I hacked the beautiful Azalea skirt to make one. For the bodice, my daughter and I both love Apricot, because the elastic back means it’s easy to get on, and it means I can skip sewing buttonholes for the day! Today I am going to show you how easy it is to hack the Azalea skirt into a tiered maxi skirt and combine it with the Apricot bodice for an Azalea and Apricot mashed maxi dress.

azalea apricot maxi mash

Let’s Sew!

To create your Azalea and Apricot mashed maxi dress, you’ll use the Apricot pattern to make the bodice, and the Azalea pattern to make the skirt.

Apricot Bodice

First, sew your Apricot bodice according to pattern instructions. You won’t need to change anything at all! Just sew the bodice, but not the skirt. When I finished sewing the bodice of mine, I serged all around the bottom of it to secure the main and lining together because I find it easier for attaching the skirt. If you do this, be sure not to remove any length with the serger knife. Set aside.

azalea apricot maxi mash

Azalea Skirt

Using the Azalea pattern pieces and cutting chart, you will cut two skirts and one ruffle. The ruffle will be cut as instructed for your size. The first skirt (which will be the finished middle tier) will be cut using the vintage ruffle skirt dimensions as instructed for your size. The second skirt, which will be the finished top tier, will be cut at vintage ruffle skirt length, but only 70% the stated width. So, for example, the size 2t vintage ruffle skirt piece is 30 inches wide, so you will cut it at 21 inches wide.

Using the Azalea pattern, sew the vintage ruffle skirt piece (middle tier) with ruffle according to pattern instructions, but omit the placket. You’ll attach the ruffle to the skirt as instructed. Add your gathering stitches to the skirt but do not gather yet. Again, your skirt should NOT have a placket. Set aside.

azalea apricot maxi mash

Take your top tier skirt pieces (vintage ruffle length, 2/3 width) and sew right sides together. Sew gathering stitches around the top of the skirt.

azalea apricot maxi mash

Gather the middle tier skirt (with ruffle attached) to fit the bottom of the top tier skirt. Sew, right sides together.

azalea apricot maxi mash

Attaching the Skirt and Bodice

Gather the finished skirt to fit the Apricot bodice. Pin/clip skirt to bodice and sew. Follow Step 32 in your Apricot tutorial for complete instructions on how to best attach the skirt to bodice.

azalea apricot maxi mash


If you try an Azalea and Apricot mashed maxi dress, I would love to see! Tag us on Instagram @booandlupatterns or share in our Facebook group.

Happy Sewing!

xoxo Jessie

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