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Free Crossbody Bag Tutorial

Hi everyone! It’s Boo and Lu admin Marci here, and today I am going to share with you a free crossbody bag tutorial! This versatile crossbody bag is simple, cute, and functional! It can be used as a stadium bag, when made with clear vinyl, a minimal carryall for a day out and about, or leave off the strap and you have yourself a cute cosmetics pouch. There are so many possibilities with this free bag pattern.

I will show you how to make the lined and unlined version, as well as the strap, and tab, for making a crossbody bag or cosmetic pouch, using this free bag pattern. 

These are my go to places for supplies. They have great webbing, hardware, zippers and a variety of bag fabrics. Bedazzled and MyHandmadeSpace have fast shipping!   (Hardware) (hardware)

  • Vinyl, Clear vinyl, optional WPC, PUL, canvas 
  • #5 zipper 9” long and zipper pull 
  • 1” webbing 1.5 yrd 
  • 1” adjuster
  • 1” D, O,  Rectangle ring, etc.  
  • 1” swivel clasp
  • 2 rivets

Cut out 2 vinyl outer pieces 8 7/8“ x 12″ (L x W). Cut a 1.5” x 1.5” square out of all corners. 

Handle tab option- you can use webbing or your main fabric for your crossbody bag or tab bag. If using vinyl, it does get thick. For webbing, cut a piece 6” long. For main fabric, cut a piece 3” long, and 6” wide. Draw a line down the long side of the middle of the fabric and fold raw edges to meet at the line. Use double sided tape, or clip. Sew a zig zag stitch to secure. 

Let’s Sew!

In this free crossbody bag tutorial, each step is labeled “lined” “unlined” or “both.” Follow the directions for the option you are sewing.

Crossbody Bag Tutorial

Unlined– Separate the 9” zipper. Tip: burn the ends, or put some fray-check glue on them. Take one side and line up with the top of the vinyl, raw and wrong sides together. Sew using 1/4” seam allowance. Repeat for the other exterior piece. 

Crossbody Bag Tutorial

Lined– same as above, but add the lining face down on top of the zipper and main exterior. The exterior and zipper will be right sides together, as well as exterior and lining. The lining will be right side to the wrong side of the zipper. The zipper will be sandwiched between the main and lining. 

Crossbody Bag Tutorial

Lined– fold main and lining down away from the zipper teeth. Topstitch, making sure the lining is in the seam. 

Crossbody Bag Tutorial

Unlined– Fold seam allowance towards the bag, then topstitch. 

Both – Lay the exterior vinyl pieces right sides together. Sew the bottom pieces together. You will now have one long piece with the zipper on each end. If lining your bag, make sure the lining is folded up and out of the way. 

Both– Press the bottom seam open. Topstitch each side. 

Crossbody Bag Tutorial

Lined and Unlined Strap Version– cut 4” off of your 1.5 yard webbing. Be sure to burn or fray check all of your webbing ends. Loop the 4” piece through the connector ring. With the longer strip, thread one end through the bottom of one end of the adjuster, over the middle, and down through the other side. Next, thread that same end of the long strap through the swivel clasp. Loop that end back to the opposite side of the adjuster and thread through the bottom, up and over that center part. Lastly, make sure nothing is twisted, clip that small piece of the end of the strap to itself and sew in place, backstitching a few times to reinforce, about an inch or so from the adjuster. 

Both– On the wrong side of the main fabric, mark 1.5” down from both top sides. Place the straps on these marks. The short strap connector on one side, and the strap on the other, just below the mark, on the right side of your fabric. You can use double sided tape to secure these in place, or clip in place. Fold the other side of the bag over, so right sides are together. Line everything up, clip, and sew up the sides, backstitching over the strap and connector. If using vinyl, use a longer stitch length about 3.5mm. The strap and connector will be sandwiched- be sure to have the strap out of the way of the side seams. 

Both: Turn right side out. With the strap adjuster facing up, press that side seam allowance to the back, and mark in the center of the strap in the seam allowance, for the rivet. Poke the hole, and add the rivet. Repeat for the other side.

Both– (Turn wrong side out again if it has been right side out.) Now to box the corners! Bring the bottom seam, and side seam at the open corner together. Clip, and sew, backstitching over the center seam. Repeat on the other side. 

Both– Attach the zipper pull, and close the zipper all the way by taking the pull off the other end. Open one end of zipper, and add the pull back on, then zip it to the middle. 

Crossbody Bag Tutorial

Lined and Unlined Handle Tab Version– Fold handle tab in half with short raw ends together. Line up the seam with the side seam of the bag and the middle of the zipper. You’ll want it on the same side as the zipper pull when it’s closed. Line up all raw edges and sew. *If using vinyl, it’s very thick! Use a walking foot, or hand crank over this part, especially when going over the zipper.* Do this step whenever you box in the top for either lined or unlined version. 

Crossbody Bag Tutorial

Unlined– Sew the top corners just as you did the bottom. Go slowly, or hand crank over the zipper. 

Lined– Don’t box the top corners yet. Sew the lining just like the exterior, starting with the bottom but leaving a 4”-5” opening- this is where the bag will be turned out. Be sure to backstitch well at the opening. Next, sew the sides. Finally, box the bottom corners. Now you can do the top corners. The lining and main will be done all together.   

Crossbody Bag Tutorial

Lined– Open the zipper and pull your bag through the opening in the lining to turn right side out. Being sure to push the corners out on the main. Topstitch the opening in the lining closed. Stuff your lining back in the bag.

Unlined– Open the zipper and turn your bag right side out.

If you sew a crossbody bag or cosmetic bag using this free bag tutorial, we would love to see! Tag us on Instagram @booandlupatterns or share in our Facebook group!

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