Shorts comparison

B&L Shorts Comparison

Boo and Lu currently offers three awesome shorts patterns- Dandelion, Peach, and Rowan. Each is a great pattern with unique details and options. Today, I will be giving you a B&L shorts comparison, showing you exactly what makes each of the patterns special, to help you find the perfect shorts for each of your projects. Let’s go!

Size Range


Dandelion, Peach, and Rowan are all drafted for knit fabrics

Waist Options

  • Dandelion includes an option for a yoga style waistband, or an elastic waist
  • Peach includes an option for a yoga style waistband, or a waistband with inserted elastic
  • Rowan includes an option for an elastic waist, or a waistband with inserted elastic

Length Options

  • Dandelion includes a shortie, regular, and long length
  • Peach includes a shortie or midi length
  • Rowan includes a regular or long length

Hem Options

  • Dandelion includes an option for a simple or ruffled hem
  • Peach includes an option for a simple or curved hem
  • Rowan includes an option for a simple or split hem

Detail Options

  • Dandelion’s ruffled hem gives the shorts a sweet special touch!
  • Peach’s optional scallop or ruffle front embellishment plus faux drawstring make these shorts unique!
  • Rowan includes a functional drawstring option and also includes pockets!

Fit Comparison

Next in our shorts comparison, let’s take a look at fit! I sewed Dandelion, Peach, and Rowan all in a simple version, out of the same fabric. This way, you can see a direct comparison of how each pair of shorts fits in the same fabric on the same model. Remember when you sew to always blend/grade for sizes when necessary to get that perfect fit! All are shown paired with the Liana top.


Pictured here is Dandelion in shortie length with yoga waistband. The shorts have some ease but are not a super loose fit. This is the shortie length, they are perfect for play and also for under dresses. A longer length is also available.


Peach has a similar ease amount as Dandelion. Pictured here is the midi length. The shortie length is the same inseam measurement as the Dandelion shorties. This midi length comes farther down the thigh than the shortie length. Pictured is the elastic waist, which is done with a separate waistband with the elastic inside. The biggest difference in overall look/fit in the simplest version of Dandelion and Peach, is that Peach has a separate front piece for either colorblocking, or for inserting a ruffle or scallop trim.


Rowan’s fit is more relaxed than Dandelion and Peach. It has more ease, and a higher rise. Shown is the regular length; Rowan also comes in a longer length. Where Dandelion and Peach are designed to be slightly fitted, Rowan is more relaxed. The waistband shown is the foldover elastic option, it also comes with a waistband option.

Detail Showcase

For the final part of the shorts comparison, here is a showcase of each of the patterns. These photos demonstrate the various options and details that are part of the patterns, so you can get an idea of how each pattern is unique.




I hope you enjoyed this detailed look into Dandelion, Peach, and Rowan. Now that you have seen the shorts comparison, you will be ready to choose the perfect shorts pattern for your project! They are all unique and awesome, perfect staples for every sewist’s pattern collection. You can shop all the shorts in all the sizes ranges at and you can buy the entire bundle of all shorts here, in our Ultimate Summer Shorts Bundle. If you make Dandelion, Peach, or Rowan, we would love to see! Tag us on instagram @booandlupatterns or share in our Facebook group.

Happy Sewing!

XOXO Jessie

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