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  • Child Solstice and Adult Equinox Dress | Boo and Lu Patterns | Downloadable PDF Sewing Pattern

    Child Solstice and Adult Equinox Dress Digital Sewing Pattern Bundle


    Prepare for magic with Solstice and Equinox! With special occasion and every day variations, this pattern is packed with options. For children’s Solstice, sew a simple tulle skirt, or create the filled tulle overlay for the ultimate wow-factor. For enhanced versatility in wear, the tulle skirt can also be made as a separate skirt to be layered over the simple dress. For a dressed-up look without tulle, the bubble dress is a perfect choice. Or if you need a quick sew for a beautiful everyday look, the simple dress is perfect. Adult Equinox features a simple gathered skirt, or an elegant bubble skirt. Both Solstice and Equinox feature a simple lined bodice with a delicate boatneck for a graceful silhouette, and multiple sleeve options. The unique threaded double bow adds a gorgeous finishing touch. Inseam pockets complete the simple or bubble dress, for any occasion. With show-stopping special occasion options as well as everyday looks, Solstice and Equinox are perfect staple patterns for any wardrobe.


    This pattern was designed by Jessie Donohue