gift wrapping using fabric

Gift Wrapping Using Fabric

It is gift-giving season, which also means it is gift-wrapping season!

Did you know that fabric makes a wonderful reusable wrapping paper? You can have several pieces of fabric to wrap gifts for people in your home and reuse year after year. You can also gift it, and for the fabric use tea towels, linen napkins, etc. The possibilities are endless, and you have beautiful, sustainable wrapping. Here are four methods for gift wrapping using fabric.


Fabric: Most bases will work well when gift wrapping using fabric, but you don’t want anything so thick that it is hard to tie. You can use cotton woven, challis, silk, satin, even jersey! For this tutorial I used linen. The size of your fabric will depend on the size of your gift. I recommend having an assortment of sizes in your collection. Hem each piece in your preferred method.

Decorations: Optional, but can add a beautiful touch to the package! Examples would be candy canes, flowers, ribbons, pine sprigs, ornaments, bells, etc.

wrapping with fabric

Method One- Box

wrapping with fabric
  1. Begin with box in the middle of the fabric, with the corners to the top, bottom, and sides.
  2. Fold the top and bottom corners towards the bottom of the box.
  3. Fold the top and bottom creases up and over the box so that they overlap.
  4. Crease the fabric on the sides toward the center of the sides of box, as you would with paper wrapping.
  5. Fold the side corners up over the top of the box, meeting at the center.
  6. Tie the two side corners, once or twice.
  7. Garnish with decoration if desired. I used a decorative pine sprig!

Method Two- Bottle

wrapping with fabric
  1. Begin with bottle centered side to side on the fabric square, with the top almost to the top of the fabric.
  2. Fold bottom of fabric up and over the bottle as far as it will covered (at least two thirds or your fabric is not big enough).
  3. Fold the two bottom corners up, creasing the fabric tight against the bottle sides.
  4. Take one side of the fabric and wrap tightly around the bottle.
  5. Repeat with other side.
  6. Wrap a ribbon around the neck of the bottle to secure. I used a strip of tulle!

Method Three- Parcel

wrapping with fabric
  1. Place item in center of fabric, with corners at the top, bottom, and sides.
  2. Wrap the bottom and top corners up over the item and tie at the top.
  3. Wrap the two side corners around the item and tie at the center front.
  4. Tie each knot one more time.
  5. Garnish with decoration if desired. I used a candy cane!

Method Three- Round Object

wrapping with fabric
  1. For this one, you can do steps one and two with or without the item on the fabric, depending on what is easiest! First, tie your two side corners in knots.
  2. Tuck the knots in toward the center of the fabric so that they are hidden in the fabric.
  3. Place the item in the middle of the fabric. If you lift the two unknotted corners it should hold the item like a sling.
  4. Tie the two unknotted corners to each other into a tight knot, securing the object.
  5. Bring the two tails from that knot up and tie twice into a tight knot, leaving a gap between the knot and the object. This will create a handle.
  6. Garnish with decoration if desired. I threaded a monogram ornament to the handle knot!

That’s it! Gift wrapping using fabric is easy, beautiful, and a great sustainable option.  You can give the fabric as part of the gift for the recipient to use in the future, or you can continue to reuse over and over again within your family. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Wishing you and your family a joyful holiday!

Xoxo Jessie

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