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If there is one thing I love, it’s a good pattern hack! Today I’m going to explain how I turned the gorgeous Periwinkle dress pattern into a swim top! I was searching for the perfect swimsuit pattern for my daughter but just couldn’t find one that I knew she would love. So I started looking through all of Boo and Lu’s regular knit patterns and it clicked! Periwinkle and dandelion shorts would be perfect! The periwinkle bodice reminded me of a RTW suit I had been eyeing last summer too.

Let’s get started

I cut out all the bodice pieces except the flounces per the pattern with no adjustments. Then I started on the flounces, I wanted to make them a little thinner at the widest part. I cut the widest part of the flounce at 45% then gradually graded the curve up to match the smallest part of the flounce. I did not change any of the inner lines or the top part of the flounce and just copied those lines for my new piece.

My math: 5.75 x 0.45 = 2.5875 (which I rounded to 2.5 to make it easier)

Once I got my new flounce pattern piece all drawn out, I cut out my fabric and constructed the bodice per instructions. While constructing the bodice I added ¼ inch clear elastic to the neckline and arm seams using a 1:1 ratio to add a little more support since this is a swimsuit.

Periwinkle Swim Hack | Boo and Lu Patterns | Pritchard Stitches

Now for the final piece to finish up, the bottom bodice band! I measured the opening of the bodice and cut the length of my band at 90% x 3.75 inches. Attach the band using a ⅜” seam allowance and done!

I absolutely adore how this set turned out and I hope you will too!!

Jackie Pritchard

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